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Tivioli Valentino, born in Milan 34 years ago. I discovered photography by chance and never thought I’d get passionate about it this way. My activity as a photographer takes place throughout the Italian peninsula, I like to consider marriage as the expression of the crowning of a dream. The brides and spouses in their magical day, will not have to spend hours posing to be photographed, but will have to give themselves moments for them and their envoys. I will know how to capture those moments with the utmost discretion and giving you images that will last forever.

My way of working prefers reportage style because I think that seizing the moment is the best way to tell your stories. I also love creating some special photographs while having fun with the married couples who choose me as their photographer. The most important thing for me is to tell your stories. Capturing your emotions, your tears, your smiles and above all your love through my photographs. My work is not limited to taking photographs on your wedding day. What I try to do is to get to know married couples, learn about their stories. What they do for a living, what they like, what they care about.

This allows me to understand what will be the most suitable style for you. I love taking care of every detail of your wedding, so even the layout part of your albums will be taken care of personally by me and together we’ll choose the one you like best. Fortunately working with market leading companies in the wedding album sector, you will have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of combinations of covers, types of paper, packages, engravings, types of albums and different types of customizations. My work mainly takes place at Bergamo and its province, but I do weddings in Milan, Bergamo. Brescia, Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Iseo, and all the rest of Lombardy, but I am willing to move around the whole national territory. I usually work in teams and make use of experienced collaborators in our sector. I do not use co-workers to bring the equipment. I make use of expert collaborators to have more ideas and points of view of every single moment of your wedding, but obviously for those who want to have a less cumbersome and less expensive service, I can easily do a photo shoot alone.

How we work and what we offer. …. we try to take natural photos to make you as beautiful and real as possible. We ask the spouses about 30 minutes to dedicate ourselves completely during your wedding day, the rest of the shots will be the story of your day, your emotions, the most intense and most beautiful moments of your wedding. Because even the spouses must enjoy their marriage that they have prepared in the least and often also led to sacrifices and fatigues. I hope I managed to convey to you my passion for weddings and wedding photography in these few lines. My wish is that you can find your photographer and obviously I hope to be that photographer.

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